Fibre Rollout under way in Compton

Images of fibre rollout under way July-August 2020

What we’ve been told

  • Your old phone line will be replaced by a dual cable carrying copper for the phone line and fibre for the ultrafast broadband.
  • If your phone line is connected overhead, the new fibre connection will come in the same way.
  • If your phone line is underground, the new service will come via the same duct (if there is one)
  • We believe that the final connection between your property and the connectorised block will be done when you’ve ordered the new service.


Contractors working on site have suggested they may be finished within a couple of months. Then our area has to be connected into the backbone Openreach network.

The only information that we have had is that the project is on schedule to be completed by the original date, 12 months from when the contract was signed on 23 March.

If anything changes, we’ll let everyone know.


Openreach stopped replacing existing copper connections with a dual cable. The new fibre connection is now installed alongside the copper cable. If you had opted to retain your old landline (and your chosen supplier supported that option) then that service continued unaltered.

See also:

  • Broadband Glossary : the glossary which Openreach promised to send us in their email of 24 April 2020
  • Openreach Fibre Broadband : information about fibre broadband. Scroll down that page for the video about “Installing Full Fibre to your premises”: what to expect once you’ve ordered fibre broadband and what you can do to get ready.
  • Openreach letter explaining fibre routing:

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