Is my address covered?

The Compton Community Fibre Partnership includes all the addresses in Compton who have not been able to receive FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband.

That is, the three westernmost properties in SO21 2AS and every property in the other six postcodes listed.

That makes a total of 117 properties.

Properties within this scheme have to be within the same tightly defined geographic area.

So if you live elsewhere in the parish and can’t get superfast broadband, unfortunately you can’t be part of this scheme.

If you live in the Compton Village area (as covered by these postcodes) you should be included.

For the avoidance of doubt, the three new houses off Compton Street in The Paddock are not included in the project. They had not been completed when we started the project and would not have been eligible because they can get superfast FTTC broadband.

If you’re living in a new house or you recently changed your property’s name and want to double check you are included, contact us.

SO21 2AS3
SO21 2AT17
SO21 2AU5
SO21 2AX35
SO21 2AY2
SO21 2AZ49
SO21 2FF6
Grand Total117

Compton Community Fibre Partnership

Addresses covered, by postcode