Compton Community
Fibre Partnership

How we brought
Full Fibre broadband
to Compton Village

12 October 2021: The Companies House website shows that Compton Community Fibre Partnership has been officially dissolved as from this date.

18 May 2021: A meeting of directors/shareholders of Compton Community Fibre Partnership Ltd resolved to close the company, as it had fulfilled its purpose.

11 May 2021: The Openreach Community Fibre team confirm to us “that all 19 vouchers have now been redeemed to a value of £44,971.00 which cover the contract value, your community partnership has met its obligations“.

21 April 2021: We thank the residents and local small businesses whose commitment to take up the service funded the project with (approximately) £45,000 from the DCMS Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme.

Many local residents are now enjoying the benefits of Ultrafast gigabit-capable Full Fibre. After disappointing delays for some, all the voucher holders now have their fibre broadband service up and running.

Another supplier, Sky Broadband, is now taking Full Fibre orders in our area. They advertise download speeds of up to 145Mbps.

21 January 2021: Openreach Availability checker shows FTTP now also available to addresses in Compton Street (postcodes SO21 2AT, SO21 2AU,  SO21 2FF and the three westernmost addresses in SO21 2AS)

Not all service providers support Full Fibre in Compton.

As at 21 Jan 2021, you can order Full fibre from BT, EE and Zen.

20 January 2021: First FTTP user in Compton goes live 

5 January 2021: Openreach Availability checker shows FTTP now available in Attwoods Drove and Martins Fields

December 2020: Openreach tell us that they aim to have the project completed (i.e. handed over to service providers) by 23 January 2021.

October 2020:  The Openreach Availability Checker confirms that Ultrafast Full Fibre is coming to Compton. Choice of FTTP service providers now includes Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone as well as BT.

2 August 2020:  Openreach confirm that they will “soon be releasing work instructions to our contractors to commence the ‘build’ phase

July 2020: Fibre cabling work begins in Attwoods Drove

13 June 2020: Openreach confirm initial survey work complete; detailed design and survey now underway, then creating the instructions for the delivery teams and the build stage.

Still on schedule to deliver around 12 months from the contract signature date. 

6 May 2020: Openreach confirm that DCMS have completed their validation of our voucher requests.

24 April 2020: Openreach ask their contractors to start survey. 

25 March 2020: Openreach confirm receipt of signed contract

23 March 2020: We signed the contract with Openreach

20 March 2020: BT Openreach warn that Covid-19 may impact timescales

16 March 2020: At a public meeting on 11 March 2020, after a question and answer session, several of those present asked for their names to be added to the list of those requesting DCMS Rural Gigabit Connectivity vouchers.

The proposal to form a limited company to act as the legal entity to sign the contract with Openreach was passed unopposed..

Compton Community Fibre Partnership Ltd has now been set up.

29 Feb 2020 – we’re there! With thanks to the many people from Compton village who have signed up, we should now have enough DCMS Rural Gigabit vouchers to cover our share of the project costs.

We’re writing to everyone who signed up to confirm their details and can then start the next stage of the project.

See Project Stages and Status for details of the beginning of the project

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If you’re a Compton resident, use this form to register for a DCMS voucher or to express interest and ask us a question.
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